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How to eat like a local

London has some awesome places to eat and many of these are off the tourist beaten track. The best advice I can offer is that you spend some time researching in advance of your vacation and then you'll not be wasting too much precious time when your holiday starts. With most of us having access to the internet these days it's a doddle to search for interesting or quirky places to eat in almost any city you care to visit.


It might sound obvious but often the best places are those favoured by locals so don't hesitate to ask a local and you'll be pleasantly surprised just how many will be keen to share with you the location of their favourite haunts. In my travels so far I'm always heartened by the willingness of locals to help visitors and especially when it comes to giving recommendations to

eat. Don't be afraid to ask staff at the hotel where you are staying where they go to eat.... some may even take you along!


Be adventurous and take time to wander away from the main tourist attractions.Avoiding some of the big branded chain restaurants is a sure way to expand your culinary horizons..... look to see where the locals dominate rather than fellow travellers. Hand written menus too tend to be a clue that the emphasis might be more "home spun" rather than mass produced.


Street food has always featured in Asia for as long as I can remember but now this exciting food concept can be found in many cities around the world. Some of the very best food I've tasted has come from some amazing street vendors showcasing what they do well. In London some great street food can be found in the various food markets

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